Home remedies for hemorrhoids

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  1. Introduction to home remedies for hemorrhoids
  2. Different forms of hemorrhoids
  3. using a cranberry poultice and a sitz bath
  4. Apple cider vinegar, grape seed extract and aloe vera
home remedies for hemorrhoids

Introduction to home remedies for hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are clumps of tissue which contain blood vessels situated within your anal canal which assist the control of stools.

When they are inflamed or swollen they become piles or pathological.

We all have hemorrhoids, it's only when they become enlarged it becomes a problem.

Different forms of hemorrhoids


There are different forms of hemorrhoids, internal and external.

Internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids occur on the inside of the rectum, the area is lacking in pain receptors which means it is not usually painful.

External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids occur outside an area called the anal verge which is situated near the end of the anal canal.

These type of hemorrhoids can sometimes be painful, these are usually accompanied by irritation and swelling.

Practical steps


Eat well

Practice good nutrition by getting more fiber into your diet, this can be done by eating whole grains, fresh fruit, oat bran and other high fibre foods.

Drink lots of water

Water will help to get rid of the toxins from your body and it can help to empty your bowels regularly.

Get regular exercise

Walking, water exercises or other types of exercise will help you to go the toilet regularly and avoid constipation.

using a cranberry poultice and a sitz bath


There are several home remedies for hemorrhoids, try a cranberry Poultice for some relief.

  1. Put three or four tablespoons of cranberries in a chesse cloth
  2. Push the cranberry poultice against the anus and
  3. Push it up against the anus and keep it there for an hour, wear underwear that is reasonable tight but not so tight that it is uncomfortable.
  4. After one hour, change it with another cloth and a new batch of cranberries.

Do this twice and the next day if you need to.

Apple cider vinegar, grape seed extract and aloe vera


Put some Aloe Vera gel on to your hemorrhoids, it will relieve the pain and sooth the burning sensation.

Apple cider vinegar can stop your hemorrhoids from bleeding. Soak the apple cider vinegar in some cotton wool then apply it your hemorrhoids. Apply some grape seed extract on to your hemorrhoids, grape seed extract is good at reducing inflammation.

Read an alternative health information article by Holly Haden, a expert on hemorrhoids.

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