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Introduction to health benefits to exercise


Exercise is an excellent way to improve both your mental health and physical health, you should try to do some exercise every day. benefits to exercise

Numerous diseases and conditions can be improved as well as prevented through exercising regularly.

Exercising regularly helps to keep the cardiovascular system in good condition and lowers the chances of cardiovascular disease.

If you have a heart condition, your chances of survival are better if you exercise. It also helps to lower blood pressure.

Exercise and diabetes


Exercising increases your insulin sensitivity. What this means is the pancreas works less when we eat. If your works less, then it is less likely to stop working later on in life.

Better insulin sensitivity means your body can control your blood sugar levels. This helps the management and prevention of diabetes.

Exercise and bone density


Exercising has excellent effects on your musculoskeletal system. Exercise can decrease body fat and increases bone density and muscle mass. It can also strengthen ligaments and tendons.

Good Bone density helps to prevent osteoporosis. As you get older your bone density will decrease if you do not exercise and you will lose your balance and strength.

The importance of endorphins


When we exercise our bodies produce chemicals, these are called endorphins. Endorphins are polypeptides; they have the ability to connect to the neuron-receptors in your brain.

Endorphins are believed to have some important effects on the human body. They improve your immune system, reduce stress, relieve pain and slow down the aging process.

A simply exercise like walking can reduce depression,stress and anxiety.

Mental exercises


Mental exercises are often overlooked but mental exercises build and tone your brain like physical exercises build and tone your body.

It is a great way of slowing down, stopping or reversing Alzheimer’s disease.

Activities like meditation and yoga are excellent for exercising and relaxing the brain.

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