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  1. Introduction to constipation remedies
  2. Causes of constipation
  3. Constipation prevention
  4. constipation home remedies-Liquorice tea
  5. Fig syrup
  6. Rose petal jelly



Constipation is also known as dyschezia, costiveness and dyssynergic defaecation.

It is a common condition which affects various people of ages. It can mean that you have to strain more than you usually would to pass your stools or you are completely unable to pass stools at all.

Constipation may also cause the stools to be unusually lumpy, hard, small or large.

causes of constipation


Common reasons for constipation include:
  • Stress.
  • Lack of fibre in your diet.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • Lack of liquid.
  • Not going to the toilet when you feel the urge.
  • Certain medical conditions e.g irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Some medications like painkillers.

Constipation prevention


These are simple things you can do to prevent constipation.

  • Keep your stress level down to a minimum
  • Add more fibre to your diet, this includes, five potions of vegetables and fruit a day, rice, bran serials and wholegrain bread.
  • Take more exercise.
  • Do not resist any urges you have about going to the toilet.

constipation home remedies-Liquorice tea



  1. Honey, mallow flowers, 100 grams of Liquorice root and one liter of water.
  2. Put the water in a stainless steel pan, chop the licorice root and add it to the water.
  3. Bring the pan to boil and then simmer for fifteen minutes.
  4. Next cover the pan and leave it to steep overnight and strain before you use it.
  5. Heat up a cupful and infuse some mallow flowers in your mixture and sweeten with the honey.

Constipation remedies; Fig syrup


  • Fifty grams of barley
  • fifty grams of raisins
  • 1.5 liters of water
  • 15 grams of chopped licorice root.

  1. Put the raisins, figs and barley in water and boil then cover the pan and simmer for 15 minutes.
  2. Next add the licorice root and cover then leave it to stand overnight.
  3. Strain it and put it in a bottle and keep refrigerated. Take 1 one teaspoon when needed.

Constipation remedies; Rose petal jelly


  • One hundred grams of white rose petals.
  • Two tablespoons of clear honey.
  • Four hundred and fifty grams of white cane sugar.
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Two tablespoons of orange juice.
  • Quarter of a pint of water.

  1. Cut all the bases from your petals and throw them away.
  2. Put all the ingredients with the exception of your petals into a stainless steel pan and leave it to stand until the sugar has dissolved.
  3. Add your rose petals and heat the pan very gently, stir constantly until all the petals are dissolved.
  4. Let the whole mixture cool down and take a teaspoon when needed.

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