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Traditional Chinese medicine

Over the years I have seen traditional Chinese medicine increasing in popularity people are increasing looking for alternatives to conventional medicine.

I go to my local high street and I see some Chinese herbal shops and a few acupuncture clinics that weren't there a few years ago.

Some people think this is a fad for younger people, but the truth is I know some older people who are very set in their ways trying the modalities in traditional Chinese medicine because conventional medicine isn't working for them.

The good thing is though that TCM can work hand in hand in with conventional medicine.

TCM and the NHS in the UK


I was surprised to find that Chinese herbalism, acupuncture, dietary therapy and Qigong are offered at a NHS gateway clinic in my local borough of Lambeth.

In practice I suspect it wouldn't be easy to get to these services due to the length of the waiting lists, also in most cases the general practitioner will not suggest such services, and you'll have to ask for it.

The services offered are not well publicized though, how can you ask for a service which you think isn't even an option for you? This is something that should be readdressed.

TCM in America


Politically China and America may not be best buddies but certainly this hasn't stopped the widespread popularity of TCM in the states. In 2008 America and China signed an agreement signed an agreement to cooperate in the scientific research of TCM.

One of the big problems that American patients face is that there are a lot of health insurance that will not cover many of the modalities in TCM.

The health insurance companies say that there is too little evidence that they work. This is a catch 22 situation because how can evidence be provided if there is little or no research going on to develop the evidence?

TCM in Australia


As much as three million Australians visits traditional Chinese practitioners every year yet despite this Medicare, Australia's health care system does not cover the cost of any Chinese medicine practices.

As you can imagine many Australians are not happy about this, just like Americans it is a case of if you cannot afford it you cannot have that service.

More TCM pages


Introduction to Traditional Chinese medicine

TCM is complicated but on this page you can have a better idea of what TCM is about. Here, you can learn the basics of TCM.

Yin and yang balance is as clear as night and day.

On the yin and yang page you can find about what yin and yang means and its important and essential role in TCM. There is also a short two minute video about yin and yang and TCM.

The five element theory

The five element theory in TCM is similar to to the five element theory found in Ayurvedic medicine. In this instant the five elements of TCM are fire, wood, earth, metal and water.

Definition of qi

Qi is important in TCM and martial arts. If you want to know what qi is then this page will explain all about it.

Chinese medicine deer antler

velvet deer antler is the second most important herb in Chinese medicine. It is used for various ailments and packed with nutrients.

Traditional Tibetan medicine

Traditional Tibetan medicine is a medical system which is influcenced by Chinese medicine and ayurvedic medicine and some other medicinal systems. It is growing in popularity in the west and in China.

Acupunture and history

Acupuncture is an important and popular treatment in chinese medicine, learn about the history of acupunture and how it works.

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