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Benefits of meditation



The benefits of meditation are numerous. By introducing meditation into your own life, you can make a big difference to your general well-being.

When many people think of meditation they tend to get visions of new age hippies chanting mantras over and over again. Benefits of meditation

The truth is meditation is done by people from all walks of life and while there are some meditation techniques where mantra is chanted, there also techniques which don't require this.

Meditation for physical and mental health


Meditation can be useful for both physical and mental conditions; it is particularly useful for conditions that might be worsened by stress.

Scientific research about meditation shows that meditation might help with conditions like:

Meditation has been employed in hospitals and in cases of terminal and chronic illness to decrease complications linked with increased stress that contain depressed immune systems.

Meditation scientific research


In a study done in 1972, it was shown that Transcendental Meditation affects the human metabolism by decreasing biochemical byproducts of stress, like decreasing blood pressure and heart rate.

In 1976, Ainslie Meares a Australian psychiatrist reported her cancer had regressed following intensive meditation. This is published in the Medical Journal of Australia.

A neurophysiologist at the University of Colorado called Dr. James Austin stated that Zen meditation rewires brain circuitry. It has been established using a brain scanning method called functional MRI imaging. It measures the flow of blood in the brain.

In this video, university of wisconsin professor Richard Dawson and his research team look inside the brain of a buddhist monk to investigate the effects of meditation on the structure and the function of the brain.

Meditation research in the himalayas


According to Dr. Herbert Benson, meditation encourages a host of physical and biochemical changes in your body.

This called the relaxation response and it includes changes in heart rate, metabolism, respiration, brain chemistry, and blood pressure. Dr Benson and his group have conducted clinical studies at numerous Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas.

Dr Herbert works at the Mind-Body Medical Institute and it is affiliated with numerous Boston hospitals as well as Harvard.

I have been to a few Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas myself and in my opinion, such a stunning and peaceful setting helps meditation.

Have a look at the video below and you'll see what I mean.

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