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  1. The definition of depression. What is depression?
  2. Missing the signs and symptoms of depression.
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signs of depression

The signs of depression are diverse and the severity of it changes with time. Women can experience more depression than men.

This is attributed to pregnancy, post-menopause and pre-menopause, miscarriage, menstrual cycle changes and hormonal swings.

Signs of depression may be misconstrued because often they can get confused with common traits of human nature

  • Common symptoms of depression include
  • An unshakable sadness, emptiness or shakiness
  • Overwhelming hopelessness accompanied with pessimistic feelings.
  • Feelings of helplessness, extreme guilt and additionally no self worth.
  • Suicidal inclinations and brooding.
  • A sense of helplessness along with an increasing inability to focus and indecisiveness.
  • Loss of sound sleep and development of extreme insomnia.
  • Inexplicable weight gain or weight loss. Triggered eating binges or loss of appetite.
  • Loss of energy and activity levels, metabolism slows down, being overwhelmed by constant fatigue.
  • Irritability, short tempered, as well as restless.
  • Digestive disorders, physical afflictions such as headaches, chronic pain and digestive disorders

Older depressed people might have symptoms such as forgetfulness, as well as a noticeable decrease in the speed of movements.

In the harshest cases, depressed people might have psychosis symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations; these are usually of a unpleasant nature.

Different people can experience depression in dissimilar ways. A seventy year old man who has depression might not have the identical symptoms to a twenty five year old man.

For some people, the symptoms of depression are extremely severe so it becomes obvious something is not right. There are others that might feel generally unhappy or miserable without knowing what the reason is.

Depressed children often exhibit an irritable mood than depressed mood as well as show differing symptoms depending on their situation and age.

Many lose interest in school or/and their academic performance declines. They might be described as demanding, clingy dependent, or insecure.

A proper diagnosis might be missed or delayed when the symptoms are construed as normal moodiness.

Additionally depression might also coincide with ADD/ADHD (attention-deficit disorder/attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), which complicates the treatment and diagnoses of both.

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