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Hi thanks for dropping by.

My name is Tony also known as Tony boy, Tone and T.

I am a free spirit and as well as having an interest in natural healing, I like to do a bit of drawing and painting. The drawing on the right was done in oil pastels. I am not a doctor and I don't have any medical training. As I said on my home page I do have a passion for this subject.

My interest in natural healing started way back when I was a small child and got stung on the leg by stinging nettles.

Very quickly a painful rash developed. I told my aunt, who asked me to show her where the stinging nettles were. She looked around and then picked a rather broad leaf and gave it to me. “ Rub this on your leg,” she said handing me the leaf.

so that is what I did, and it worked. The name of this leaf is called Rumex obtusifolius otherwise known as the dock leaf.

About this website

Today's world is an automated one. We humans are programmed to do

things in certain way from a child until adulthood, many of us never break out of that cycle.

never daring to go outside the box and think in a different way...

No control

One of the things that we are programmed top do in my opinion is to

give the medical system complete control over our mind and body.

Even though it is our body and our mind, we remain passive and do not take any steps ourselves, to aid the healing process.

we do not ask questions about medication... even if we have reservations or ask about alternatives.. Because they are considered expert opinion with many years of training and experience. While we (the patient) do not have this kind of expertise.

The goal of this website is to help you think outside the box.

To look at different healing therapies and ways of healing mind, body and spirit.

(This site is for everyone, regardless of whether or not you believe in the spiritual side of things)

It does not have to be an either/or situation concerning conventional medicine, the two go hand in hand.

It is time to take control back

It is YOUR body and YOUR mind...you DO have a say in what happens to it.

by gaining knowledge...you empower yourself.

Read the story of how two parents with no medical training invented a treatment that prolonged their son, Lorenzo Odone, life.

As you can imagine it is a big task to build a site covering all these different therapies and methods. I have really enjoyed working on this website so far.

Rome was not built in a day...but eventually it was built.

I will be regularly updating this site so stay tuned.

If you wish to meet interesting people and participate in reviews and discussions, start you own blog or watch uplifting and inspiring videos do visit The secret alliance.com

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