Risks of not exercising

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  1. Introduction to risks of not exercising
  2. Use it or lose it!
  3. Keeping diabetes at bay
  4. Circulatory problems
  5. chances of living longer reduced

Introduction to risks of not exercising


Its not only sportswomen and sportsmen that need to exercise, we all need to do it in order to keep our health and well being, whatever age we are.
Chilling out and skipping exercise activities is ok now and again, we all do that but not exercising on a regularly basis carries a lot of consequences.

Use it or lose it!


One of the risks of not exercising is your muscles waste away because you are not using them.

This is known as atrophy, when you lose lean muscle mass it causes the metabolism to go down.

Every pound of muscle mass which is lost means that you burn one hundred fewer calories every day.

Keeping diabetes at bay


More and more people are being diagnosed with type two diabetes, this is partly because of sugary foods, processed foods, junk foods and because people are becoming more inactive.

Our bodies release insulin which cuts down high blood sugar to more manageable levels. Exercise uses up blood sugar naturally and helps sharpen up our insulin receptors.

Circulatory problems


The heart is a muscle and as I said earlier when you don't get regular exercise the muscle weakens. If you need to move quickly the heart can not handle it.

Your lungs become ineffective when it comes to absorbing oxygen which means doing everyday actives like walking up the stairs becomes a lot harder.

Your blood pressure will become higher and your blood vessels will stiffen. Plaque buildup is encouraged because of this and it sets the scenario for potential strokes and other disasters ahead.

chances of living longer reduced


It stands to reason that if you don't exercise you reduce your chances of living longer, especially if you add smoking and bad nutrition into the mix.

Its really just common sense if you look after anything well the chances are it will last much longer.

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