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We all experience some kind of anxiety at some point in our lives. We would not be human if we did not.

Ordinary events such as a thesis presentation or an upcoming exam or someone close to you being sick can all cause feelings of distress. But so can smaller things.

In this day age of recession where people are losing their jobs and are in debt cases of anxiety are becoming more prevalent.

Anxiety disorder affects numerous people worldwide and is mainly common in western countries such as the United Kingdom, United States and other countries in Europe.

Anxiety disorders are linked with elevated levels of chemicals in the brain. Neurotransmitters are basically chemical messengers which transmit impulses.

A disparity on certain neurotransmitters might alter the manner the mind would respond to different situations, this leads to anxiety.

There are many symptoms that are related to anxiety. A common symptom is a pounding heart. It can happen whether it is a slight attack or a more severe one. A understandable reaction is to grasp the chest. This is what someone who is having a heart attack would do.

Some people do admit themselves into hospitals thinking they have had a heart attack. Only to find out from tests that the cause was an anxiety attack

Shown below are the symptoms of anxiety attacks both physical and mental.

Physical symptoms of anxiety attacks

  1. Pounding heart, palpitations or accelerated heart rate.
  2. Choking feeling
  3. Shaking or trembling
  4. Smothering or shortness of breath sensation (this is known as dyspnoea)
  5. Sweating
  6. Abdominal distress or nausea
  7. Chest pains
  8. Frequent need to urinate
  9. Feelings of dizziness, lightheaded, faint and unsteadiness.
  10. Tingling or numbness sensations
  11. Chills or hot flushes

Emotional symptoms of anxiety attacks

  1. Feelings of dizziness, lightheaded, faint and unsteady.
  2. Feelings of detachment from ones self or feelings of unreality (being detached from oneself. This is known as Derealization)
  3. Fear of going crazy or losing control
  4. fear of dying
  5. A failure to concentrate; feeling that your mind as gone blank.
  6. Excessive worrying.
  7. irritability

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