Taking a look at the holistic approach in medicine

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Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine are good examples of the holistic way in action. holistic approach to medicine Holistic is a broad term, have a look at the definition of holistic.

The san bushman use art, music and dance to heal. Nature and spirituality have an important role in their healing process.

Other indigenous tribes, people around the world also follow similar practices. As technology as advanced and life as become more fast paced those practices ave faded somewhat and bureaucracy has taken over.

Doctors are under pressure with a full waiting room day in and day out. My experience generally is that doctors don't seem to liked being questioned about the medication that they are giving you. They don't like being asked about alternative methods to what they prescribed. But it's up to us patients to ask questions especially about alternative methods if that's what we want, otherwise the doctor won't speak about it.

The emphasis is on getting the patient in and out of the doctors surgery as soon as possible, at least that's the case in the UK anyway.

Doctors are under pressure with a full waiting room day in and day out and the pay of nurses isn't very good, in many places they are often understaffed. It isn't all bad though, if you read prescription for natural healing, you'll see that the NHS has made efforts to make alternative medicine available to patients.

The holistic approach in medicine to me is just common sense. It makes sense to treat the whole person and find out the root causes. You don't have to be into natural healing or alternative/ complementary therapies to realize this.

Taking this type of approach is a great way to prevent illness as well as treat it. Will society as a whole ever get back to the holistic approach? Possibly.

Food shortages, world recession, swine flu and the state of the health care system amongst other things, all help to focus the mind. More and more people in this day and age are definitely looking at treatment in a more rounded way.

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