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Grape seed extract
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Grape seed extract is also known as vitis vinifera. The seeds used to make the extract usually come from wine manufacturers.

Fruit and leaves of the grape have been employed for medicinal purposes since ancient greek times.

What vitis seed extract is used for


European folk healers made an ointment from grapevine sap to cure eye and skin diseases. The leaves were employed to halt inflammation, pain, and bleeding.

The unripe grapes were employed to cure sore throats. Additionally dried grapes were used to treat constipation.

The extract is employed for conditions relating to blood vessels as well as the heart, conditions like high blood pressure, poor circulation, and high cholesterol.

Other reasons for extract use include diabetes complications, like eye and nerve damage; vision troubles, like macular degeneration (which may cause blindness); as well as swelling after a surgery, injury and hemorrhoids.

The extract is also employed for wound healing and cancer prevention.

How vitis seed extract is used


The extract is made grape seed. (surprise surprise) It comes in tablet or capsule forms.

Science Says


Lab studies have found that the seed has antioxidants-substances, which stop cell damage caused via free radicals.

These highly reactive molecules may damage cell function. It is unclear how vitis seed might affect human health.

According to researchers at the University of Kentucky, vitis extract pushes lab leukemia cells kill themselves.

They discovered that within twenty-four hours, seventy-six percent of the cells died after exposure to the extract.

Their findings can be found in the January 1st, 2009, issue of Clinical Cancer Research.

A recent study of three patients that have chronic pancreatitis found that vitis seed extract considerably decreased the intensity and frequency of abdominal pain.

Cautions and side effects


Vitis seed is thought to be safe. However, breastfeeding or pregnant women should not take vitis seed supplements.

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