The basics of good nutrition

Once you understand the basics of good nutrition everything becomes a lot easier. But where do you start? Nutrition is a very complicated subject it's forever evolving.

It's a good idea to first understand what the 6 essential nutrients are. You may be thinking why bother? There are many people in the world today who are suffering because of bad nutrition.

If more people understood the nutrition basics at an early age countries like the UK and the USA would not have an obesity and high blood pressure.

If you eat a wide range of foods then you also consume a wide range of nutrients this is on the proviso that you are not eating food dense in low nutrients.

This means that your body gets the right amount of nutrients minus all the fats and excess sugars. It is also important to pick a wide range of foods from amongst the food groups and within each particular group.

For instance instead of always picking and a banana or apple to meet your fruit requirements try using some oranges and blueberry.

In order to keep your diet at a balanced level do not restrict or limit your phone intake. It's important to eat a sufficient amount of food, so you feel full rather than stuffed

You are getting the calories and the nutrients when your diet is balanced. Obviously this will vary with each person.

A study done by the world health organization showed that the US population is toughly thirty percent obese. Additionally forty percent are considered overweight.

10 years ago there was only about nineteen percent of Americans were thought to be obese, it is currently estimated that forty percent of Americans will be obese by 2015.

What this shows is that the importance of nutrition and the basics of good nutrition message is not getting through and it needs to if this future prediction is to be changed.

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