Steam inhalation; Not just hot air!

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Steam Inhalation is an easy and affective natural healing remedy which I've used in the past. It can treat the following.

  • Headaches
  • Sinus infections
  • The common cold
  • Asthma
  • Influenza
  • Bronchitis
  • Respiratory ailments which are due to allergies

This treatment is best avoided if you have blood pressure.

Get right back to basics

This first method is the most basic procedure and the one that I have the most.

To provide the vapour for the steam inhalation treatment, you can place warm water in a basin, sink or pot. you can choose any process you find convenient and comfortable. The best thing to do is to use glass or pot enamels if you intend to use fresh or dry herbs rather than using a sink to hold water.

Sinking it!

If you're employing your sink to hold water, fill it with hot water. Personally I like to add two to six oil drops herbal oil or handful herbs. You don't have to do this though it is an optional step.

Maintain the water at a hot and steaming level by allowing small continuous drips of hot water to go into the basin. Your additional sink output should stop water overflow. When the water is diluted, add some additional touches of herbal oil.

Hold your head above the sink then breathe in the vapor. Usually ten to five minutes of vapor should be good enough to release your congestion.

In certain instances, you can choose to prolong the session. Keep enough your face far from water so the vapor does not irritate your skin or burn it. It is particularly important when a child is treated, because a the skin of a child is more heat sensitive.

Pottering with pots, bowls and basins

The best thing to do is to use glass or pot enamels cookware or bowls if you intend to use fresh or dry herbs. This is important as a pot made of metal can make herbs lose their medicinal properties. If your intention is to just use water, any form of pot is suitable.

Fill a large pot with water then bring to boil. Then take away the saucepan from the stove and place on a cutting board or heat-proof pad at a height which is suitable for you for the steam inhalation treatment.

Once that water stops bubbling add dried or fresh herbs or a few touches of essential oil in the water. Allow some time for the water to slightly cool .

Then keep your head hovering above the pot, then breathe the steam in. Capture the vapor by draping a towel or throw the cover above your head and of the pot, this creates a tent. Usually, ten to five minutes of vapor should be good enough to release your congestion.

In certain instances , you can choose to prolong the session. Make sure your face is a sufficient distance from the water so the vapor will not irritate or not burn your skin. This is particularly important if you are treating a child. A child's skin is sensitive to heat.

Whatever steam inhalation method you are employing, after each inhalation treatment, you should take several deep breaths so that lung congestion can be clear. Repeat it again if needed.

WARNING: Be very careful when dealing with bowls, pots or basins of hot water when around children or the elderly. Do not leave a small child alone during treatment.

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