A complete guide to natural healing

Nature is definitive and complete guide to natural healing, let me explain. Our beautiful planet provides us with all the resources to heal. Light heals, water heals, air heals, Traditional medicine realized this hence, the five elements, and five element theory.
complete guide to natural healing

I truly believe there is a cure for every illness but finding that cure is a different matter. Every herb, every plant, every animal has not been discovered yet.

If you want to learn about natural healing the first thing you have to do is open your mind. That varies in difficulty for each of us. If you're working long hours, have a family to look after the easiest thing to do is just go to the chemist and buy medication to get rid of a headache or similar ailment.

As technology as developed and people have acquired more comfort there has been less of a need to learn the natural healing knowledge that our ancestors had or incentive to learn the knowledge ourselves. Thus various groups like for example the Australian aborigines have lost some very valuable knowledge.

Our ancestors like the San bushman learned about natural healing, learned about safe foods to eat by looking at the animals (Zoopharmacognosy). Our ancestors were fit and strong how else could they have left Africa and populated the world?

The truth is the majority of us do not realize mother natures miracle resources if we did we would surely take better care of our planet and not make animals and fauna extent. Once you have you have opened your mind to natural healing you will realize there are other possibilities besides rushing to doctor to get prescription for your ailment.

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