Home remedies for asthma

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  1. What is asthma?
  2. Home remedies for asthma
  3. Breathing exercises
  4. Garlic asthma syrup
  5. Asthma tea and castor oil remedy

What is asthma?


Asthma is a respiratory condition which is characterized by constant attacks of gasping and coughing, frequent wheezing, labored breathing and chest congestion. The trigger for an asthma attack ranges from exercise, emotional stress, allergen and exposure to cold air.
Asthma is usually suspected if the patient endured eczema or some other allergic conditions and has other members of the family who suffer from asthma

Breathing exercises


Breathing exercises can help asthma.There are two techniques which are pretty well known, one is a yoga technique called pranayama. Pranayama is about controlled slow exhalation and inhalation, correct posture and relaxation. The focus is on using your diaphragm muscles to aid your breathing.

Buteyko exercises entail breathing from your nose rather than your mouth and exhaling for as long as you can, then holding your breath for as long as you can manage at the end of your exhale. Throughout the inhale, a collection of short shallow breaths are taken.

you can also use biofeedback to help you with your breathing, see the using a pneumograph to treat asthma page.

Garlic asthma syrup



  • 3 garlic heads
  • One pint of water
  • 20z of sugar
  • Half a pint of cider vinegar

  1. Begin by peeling the cloves of garlic, then simmer the cloves in water for twenty minutes
  2. Remove then drain and put in a jar
  3. Add the sugar or honey to the garlic water and boil until it turns to syrup
  4. Pour the syrup into the jar and leave it to cool before you seal the lid

Take a clove with syrup everyday. Carrot juice can cut down the chances of an asthma attack.

Asthma tea and castor oil remedy


  • Red clover
  • Horehound
  • Thyme
  • Iceland moss
  • Cayenne
  • Irish moss

Mix all the ingredients together and make the tea.Use one teaspoon for each cup of tea. Have four cups of tea everyday to relieve the symptoms

Castor oil remedy

Simply mix 25 grams of castor oil and fifty grams of clear honey or mix one tablespoon of cider vinegar to alleviate asthma symptoms.

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