Flu remedies

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Flu remedies

Flu remedies introduction


It can be difficult to distinguish between a cold and the flu in the early stages, however you can use the remedies on this page for either flu's or cold. The best way to deal with flu is to boost your immune system and just exercise and generally living a healthy lifestyle.

Chicken soup for flu


One of the best flu remedies and my personal favourite is chicken soup, when I can't face eating solid food or I can't keep anything down, I always go back to the chicken soup.

The way I make it is a bit different from the way my mum made it. She would cook up a big pot and fill the soup with mostly vegtables, bit's of pumpkin, carrots, onions, green and red peppers, tomato and potato and bits of chicken. The veg far outweighed the chicken, to my dismay! She would also make a dumpling and throw that in as well.

My way is far more simplified, I use chicken stock cubes and a generous amount of chicken and a bit of veg and a good helping of noodles.

In truth I have found that both my soup and my mums soup equally as helpful when it comes to combating the flu. Actually the use of soup for medicinal purposes actually goes as far back as Roman times. The Romans used boiled chicken for respiratory problems.

Chicken soup as a compound called carnosine which helps the bodies immune system.

This is supported by a study published by the American journal of theraputics

Garlic and ginger


My mum gave me a mixture of garlic and ginger with hot water a couple of times when I was younger. To be honest I found the taste to be absolutely vile and I threw up, I still feel a bit quesy when I think about it now. That doesn't mean it doesn't work for other people though.

I like both garlic and ginger a lot, but I certainly would never drink any kind of liquid with garlic added to it, I'd happily drink any liquid with ginger added to it though.

Hot toddy


The hot toddy that I was given when I was younger and I continue to make was honey with a dash of lime, hot water and a touch of rum, I sometimes subistute the rum for whisky. I found it to be a good pick me up, that really worked for me.

Placebo effect/faith/positive thinking


In ancient times, long before all these different flu remedies were discovered shamans and healers cured people from flu and other ailments, using chanting and dancing. see The Trance Dance

The medical profession call it the placebo effect I like to think of it as having faith or positive thinking, either way I this is a helpful method of combating the flu.

Herbs for flu


Try using some of the following herbs to combat flu, visit their pages to find out more information on the herb.


"Traditionally coneflower has been used by native americans to treat insect bites, swollen lymph nodes, burns, prevent flu, colds, as well as other infections.""


Evening primrose oil

"They also used it for flu, colds, arthritis, and asthma. In recent times, it has been employed for conditions involving inflammation, like rheumatoid arthritis."


Viscum album

"It has been employed in traditional medicine over centuries to treat headaches, flu and seizures as well as other conditions."


Mustard plant

"Mustard was also used to cure gout, headaches, stomach pain, colds, flu, coughs, numbness, rheumatism, pain relief and chest congestion."


European elder, elder tree, elderberry bush, elderberry benefits

"The berries and flowers of the european elder are used to treat flu and colds."


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