How to boost immune system

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How to boost immune system

How to boost immune system with nutrition


Boosting your immune system is the key to fending off any illnesses and beating them. But how do you boost your immune system, well lets start with diet first, I can tell you from my experience that too much sugary food lowers the immune system.

“Many experts think that nutrition might also be connected to longevity. It makes sense if you think about it. The healthier we are, the more our immune system is strengthened and that reduces the possibility of contracting certain illnesses.”

Since I started drinking tea a number of years ago, I found my self less susceptible to picking up colds and other bugs. I often just put green tea in a flask,shake it up and then drink it. I don't always feel like a hot drink, so this suits me fine.

Well you might say it could be lots of reasons why I'm not picking up cold or flu bugs, not necessarily to do with green tea which is a totally fair point. What I will say is that green tea contain antioxidants, antioxidants prevent cell damage and helps the immune system.

Have a look at this scientific research about antioxidants in green tea. Says

I will be writing an article on immunity-boosting foods in due course, until then you might to check out the following links.

Grape seed extract

"Lab studies have found that the seed has antioxidants-substances, which stop cell damage caused via free radicals."


"Native Americans used vaccinium in various foods, dye and wound medicine. Vaccinium has also been reported to have antioxidant and anticancer activity."


"In laboratory research, morinda has shown immune stimulating, antioxidant as well as tumor-fighting properties."

Hen of the woods, Grifola frondosa, Maitaike

"The underground tubers of the sheep's head have been used in Japanese herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen the immune system."


"Typically it is combined with other types of herbs, to maintain as well as strengthen the immune system. In China it is still used as treatment for chronic hepatitis"

cats claw

"Uncaria has been employed promote kidney health, for immune system. In lab studies, uncaria has been shown to partially stimulate the immune system."


"Additionally coneflower has been used to make the immune system stronger and for acne, boils and for wounds."

viscum album

"There have been some laboratory studies have shown that mistletoe destroys cancer cells as well as stimulate the immune system."

How to boost immune system with exercise


Another way to boost your immune system is by exercising I visit Paris a lot and one thing I've noticed is, that the Parisians love to jog. They jog in the Bois de Boulogne, all day, every day, no matter what the weather.

I see mums and also dads running and pushing a pram at the same time. The French also love cycling, I often see parents and their children cycling together, sometimes even with a baby seat at the back. As for myself I usually walk about 2 hours or more a day with a medium sized rucksack.

The bottom line

"When we exercise our bodies produce chemicals, these are called endorphins. Endorphins are polypeptides; they have the ability to connect to the neuron-receptors in your brain. Endorphins are believed to have some important effects on the human body. They improve your immune system."

Read more

Lifestyle and the immune system


My philosophy is life is for living, I'm not afraid to take chances in life and enjoy myself, I do like an occasionally drink but I'm mindful of the fact that I don't want to overdo it.

Too much alcohol damages the immune system. It's the same deal with smoking, it damages your immune system. I'm happy to say that I don't smoke.

Make sure you get adequate sleep, everybody needs rest and your mind and body can't keep going at full speed.

It's always been obvious to me that stress, anxiety and depression inhibits your immune system. It's not just hollow talk There have been some studies done to support this.

In one such study Janice and Ronald Glaser, researchers from the Ohio State University College of Medicine, studied medical students and found that the immunity levels dropped each year under the stress of doing exams over a three year period.

Have a look at the study in full

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Hope you enjoyed this page on how to boost immune system.

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