chest pain stress

Chest pains? It could be chest pain stress.

So one day you're minding your own business, doing the things you usually do during the day, all of a sudden you get a sharp pain in the chest. What could it be?

Automatically you may think heart attack or other heart related diseases BUT it could be caused by anxiety or it could be chest pain stress. It is difficult to tell the difference between a heart attack and chest pain brought on by stress.

Annually, thousands of people seek emergency treatment for undetermined chest pain which is not linked to biomedical factors such as cardiovascular diseases or other illnesses.

Chest pain caused by stress is pretty common and both men and women can suffer from it. Chest pain sufferers may experience fear of death, tiredness and anxiety in their daily lives.

Cardiomyopathy means heart muscle disease and it can be brought on by stress when this occurs it is called stress cardiomyopathy. It is an abrupt temporary weakening of the muscle of the heart (ie.myocardium). Death of a loved one would be emotionally stressful enough to trigger it, it is also called broken heart syndrome.

Stress cardiomyopathy is often wrongly diagnosed as a huge heart attack. Researchers say the patients have essentially experienced a adrenalin surge as well as other stress hormones.

These symptoms don't result in lasting damage according to researchers. The majority of patients make a full recovery within two weeks.

If you are experiencing chest pain, go and see a doctor or go to the hospital. Do not worry that you might be wasting the doctors time because you think you may not be experiencing a heart attack. Put yourself first.

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