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  1. The sound of silence
  2. Here and now technique
  3. The mantra technique

The sound of silence


There is a number of easy meditation techniques which are good for beginners and the more experienced.

The first meditation technique is the listening to silence technique. The only thing required for this method is for you to sit silently and be silent for ten to fifteen minutes. I know what you are thinking "whatt! Is that it?" Yes that's it. Silence is a rare thing in the world we live in.

The most difficult part of this technique is keeping our "monkey mind" quiet. The monkey mind is always making noise and moving.

Even when it is silent, thoughts will still arise, but what you need to try and do is observe the thought, not interact with the thought, let it go.

Here and now technique


Another meditation technique is the "be here now" this is how it works

  • Inform yourself that you are living in the here and now, the present, not in the future or the past.
  • Make yourself aware of the numerous activities that are occurring within you as well as around in the moment.
  • Cultivate awareness of "here and now" in all that you do.

The intention of this "here and now" technique is to help the mediator to get rid of baggage of the past and future. By telling yourself that you exist in the present day, you relieve yourself of worry about things that can't be undone and plans that may not come to pass.

By focusing your awareness on present activities, you realize what a miracle your body is, with its many autonomic processes that keep you alive.

You also increase your awareness of how the universe is happening at the same time - wind, sunlight, rain, plants growing, people living - and of your place in it.

Finally, by cultivating awareness you relieve yourself of the responsibility to control what happens around you.

The mantra technique


For this technique you need to choose a mantra. Choose any word which you think will assist you in feeling calm and relaxed.

Shut your eyes and start saying the mantra repeatedly. If you wish you can repeat it fast, loud, quiet or slowly. Do not let outside thoughts disturb you.

After a while, stop repeating the mantra and remain silent while you are sitting. Do this for a few minutes or so. It is better that you do not get up immediately after your meditation. It is a bit like coming out of deep sleep, take it slow.

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