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  1. Introduction to shaman healing
  2. What is shamanic healing?
  3. Tools of shamanic healing
  4. Shamanic healing today
shaman healing

Introduction to shaman healing


Shaman healing or shamanic healing is one of the oldest natural healing traditions there is.
It is the spiritual practice of ancient cultures and civilizations.

Shamanism can be traced back all the way back to the San Bushmen of Africa, they are genetically the oldest people on earth.

Shamanism is practiced all over the world from Greenland to the Amazon to Australia.

What is shamanic healing?


Shamanic healing treats ailments by mending the spirit; they could be physical illnesses or mental illnesses.

By getting rid of the trauma that is affecting the spirit, the person's body or mind restored to its natural balance.

The role of the shaman does not end there; the shaman is also a spiritual counselor. A shaman goes into the spiritual realm to find the answers to problems which affect the community.

Depending on their culture a shaman may perform the following functions

  • Sing songs
  • Tell stories
  • Lead a sacrifice
  • Act as a guide for souls
  • Tell fortunes

Tools of shaman healing


A shaman not only processes knowledge of spirituality he also processes knowledge of natural healing herbs and medicinal plants.

For some examples see the nomadic Kallawaya healers of Bolivia.

The Aetas practitioners of Philippine herbal medicine

The Ainu: Japanese herbal medicine

The Australian aborigines: All herbal medicine.

The shaman enters the spiritual world by putting himself in a trance.

These are the plants and methods that the shaman uses to enter a trance state.

Plants Other methods
Licorice root Sweat lodge
Cedar Music
Deadly nightshade Sword fighting / Bladesmithing
Ayahuasha Icaros / Medicine Songs
Fly agaric Vision quests
Cannabis Dancing
white sage Fasting
Lboga Singing
Salvia divnorum Vigils
Morning glory Nguni
Psilocybin mushrooms Mariri
San Pedro cactus

Shamanic healing today


Although shamanic healing is not practiced as much as it was in the past, it is still popular across some cultures today.

Changes in lifestyle and the growth of other religions have reduced the practice of shamanism.

Shamanic healing has a role to play into today's world, but it depends on how open the mind.

There is a lot of cultural elitism in this world, many people seem to forget where it is they came from. Not everything which is old should be abandoned.

Shamanism can help with depression, stress, anxiety and reduce blood pressure.

It's not a modulation that has to be used on its own, it can be used with conventional medicine or with other therapies, take advice...research... and make your own decision.

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