Ways to manage stress

Ways to manage stress Content
  1. Thinking differently
  2. Taking a break from it all
  3. Physical contact
  4. It's good to talk
  5. Being like a child
Ways to manage stress

Thinking differently


One of the ways to manage stress is to change the way you think about things. For example, you have a problem, a big problem.

Ask yourself this, is it a problem that can be solved now, tomorrow this week, this month, at all? If the answer is yes, then go ahead, do it, set about solving that problem.

If you can't do anything about it, if you tried your best to solve the problem and you couldn't, don't worry about it, because worrying isn't going to achieve anything.

I know it's a very simplistic way of looking at things and worrying is a normal instinctive thing to do, I've done it but I can honestly say that it has done me more harm than good and didn't bring me any closer to solving the problem.

Taking a break from it all


Sometimes problems build up and cause stress until you can't think clearly any more, one way to see things more clearly and relieve stress is to take a break from what ever it is you're doing and go for a walk in the park, but make the walk a really slow one and every now and again stop walking.

Take the time to really look at your surroundings, listen to the birds and other wildlife, look at trees, touch the bark, touch the leaves and the grass.

Life can be so fast and stressful that we don't notice some of the great things that surround us.

If you want to take things a bit further break wise, how about taking a holiday? Travel can be a life changing experience, it can make you appreciate what you have and not take take things for granted.

You can bring back great memories of your trip or you might decide that you've had such a great time that you would like to live in that place permanently.

Physical contact


Stroking a dog, cat, hamster or any pet is very relaxing, if you treat them right they give unconditionally love. See pet therapy to see how pets have helped people.

Do you have a partner? Go and give them a hug or better still make love to them. If you don't have a partner, hug a family or a friend. If your on your own, then find something soft like a cuddly toy or a piece of soft material and stroke that slowly.

It's good to talk


Keeping problems bottled up is very stressful. If you shake a bottle of coke that's been unopened eventually the top will come flying off. Talking to someone who is a good listener and who doesn't just talk all the time is a good way of getting the problems off your chest and relieving stress.

Being like a child


Do you have any children? Nieces? Nephews? Anyone you can babysit? Kids are great because they view the world through simply eyes. Take the child to the park for a couple of hours and play some games, have fun and forget about being an adult for a while, don't worry about looking ridiculous. Seeing them happy will make you happy too. These are just some of the ways to manage stress but I will be writing some more about stress management so stay tuned.

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