Why is nutrition important?

Why is nutrition important? It's important because it helps keep the body healthy and functioning properly, this is also true for the brain.

It is true that you are what you eat, if you eat garbage you become garbage, when you eat good you feel good.

Many people underestimate the importance of nutrition but it is arguably the most important natural healing tool there is.

One of the medical systems that realizes this importance, is Auyrvedic medicine, the Aryurveda diet not only takes account of the importance of nutrition in the mind and body but the spirit too.

It is important not to have too much of one nutrient and equally it is important not to have a deficiency of any one nutrient in your diet.6 essential nutrients are needed for the body to work properly.

Many experts think that nutrition might also be connected to longevity. It makes sense if you think about it. The healthier we are, the more our immune system is strengthened and that reduces the possibility of contracting certain illnesses.

It does not mean that the possibility of contracting certain diseases is gone, but our bodies might be able to battle better against them with a good immune system and the correct amount of nutrition.

Everybody's nutritional needs are different; the needs of a 40 year old woman are different to those of a 19 year old man. It is important to educate ourselves about what our needs are and then armed with that knowledge apply it to the foods we purchase.

A lot of people choose wrongly when it comes to food, selecting food which has no nutrition. A good example of this is people who are in rush or under pressure at work who often rush their meals so they continue with their work. The problem is although these foods might initially keep them going but these foods lack minerals and vitamins.

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