An Ayurvedic diet is harmony and balance

In the simplest of terms, Ayurvedic diet is based upon three fundamental principles:(Aahar) that we take in nourishing and balancing food

Maintain a healthy and efficient digestive system (Agni) and limit the amount of undigested foods or toxins (Ama) that eventually block or inhibit the essential inner-workings of our body.

Aahar - Food

Ahaar's concept is expansive. It is not just about feeding the is about feeding the mind and senses as well.

It is about emotions...ideas...air...breath...emotions. Ayurveda teaches people to aspire to take in nourishing ahaar alone... in a way that is nourishing.

It teaches that our food intake should comprise of all the six tastes, which embodies the Five Elements so that we maintain harmony and balance in our mind and body.

Agni - Digestive Fire

Agni means fire in Sanskrit. In ayurvedic philosophy, it is our digestive fire, which doshas produce. It breaks down... converts our food elements into bodily form, so that it rebuilds...restores our systems and tissues.There are three essential principles that ayurvedic diet bases itself onwe consume nourishing as well as balancing food (Aahar), digestive system (Agni) keep up a efficient as well as a healthy digestive system and limit the number of toxins (Ama)or undigested foods that ultimately prevent or curb the primary inner-workings of your body.

Ama - The undigested Food

You have heard of the old adage, we are what we eat, right? Well in Ayurvedic philosophy, we are what we digest.

When any undigested food, which remains within our body, is toxins...Ama. They obstruct our anatomical structures and exacerbate our physiological inner-workings.

Excess Ama results in disease. If Agni is sporadic and weak, food will not digest properly and ultimately mutate into Ama.

The Ayurvedic diet primary objective is to balance and stimulate our Agni so that the Ama accumulation in our bodies is prevented

The primary process to stimulate our Agni is consuming the correct foods, with the correct spices, in the correct amounts, as well as at the correct time based on our own unique mind-body type.

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