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prayers for healing People have used prayers for healing since ancient times. I consider prayers to be a form of meditating.

From the San people to the Irish people, from shamans to catholic priests, people from all different cultures have used prayers to heal. Can prayers really heal though? I believe they can and do heal, I have seen it for myself.

Huh, so how do prayers heal?


I see prayer as essentially about spreading positive energy to the recipient or recipients. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety and is helpful for managing pain.

There are times when a person needs a bit more than what conventional medicine can offer, that is where the use of prayers comes in. Even the medical profession has realized this.

A few years ago my mum was admitted to hospital, she was in a confused state of mind and me, the nurse and a few of her closest friends could not get her to eat her food.

Her pastor arrived and they prayed together, even the nurse joined in with the prayer, sure enough after the prayer she ate her food and she calmed down considerably.

The follow video shows a man praying for his wife, she has been admitted to the emergency room.

God is not really answering prayers


I have heard that statement more than once, my answer to that, is the only thing that matters is that it gives comfort, relief and strength to the person or persons involved.

I cannot see what there is to gain by trying to debunk this. This a personal matter for the person or people involved.

I am not religious but even non-religious people can gain some benefit from listening to prayer. You don't have to be religious to appreciate the words and the meanings behind prayers. All you need is an open mind.

Prayer videos


I have put together a playlist of prayer videos, the religions covered are Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Catholicism. I found these to be beautiful videos, do have a look.

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