How to plant garlic

So you want to know how to plant garlic? It is not as difficult as you might think. In colder climates, it is advisable to plant the cloves at least 6 weeks before the ground freezes over.

Fortunately pests do not attack garlic. However garlic can get pink root disease. This disease messes up the roots; in addition it turns them red or pink.

If you are short on space the good news is that garlic plants may be grown together in close proximity.

There are various types of garlic, most notably softneck and hardneck garlic. The hardneck type is usually grown in more cooler climates. While the softneck type usually is grown nearer to the equator.

Garlic should be planted in a place where there is sufficient sunlight and in 5 cm pots or similar types of containers.

The garlic will take at least nine to eight months to mature. It is important that a spot is chosen where the garlic can grow undisturbed during that period.

The soil should be a well drained soil. Look at the cloves or individual sections of the bulb, if there are any soft or shriveled cloves discard them.

To prevent fungal disease mix about a tablespoon of baking soda with water and soak the cloves in it.

When planting the cloves do it one at a time. Make sure it is planted in an upright position at least one inch beneath the soil surface. There should be at least a gap of three to five inches between each planted clove.

An inch of water is required for garlic per week throughout summer and spring growth. When harvesting take up a bulb then see how many layers are surrounding the bulb.

If there are three layers then they are ready to harvest. If the bulb has four layers or more, wait for a few weeks.

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