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Garlic is also known as Allium sativum. It belongs to the onion family. It is used for both medicinal as well as culinary purposes. Allium is grown all over the world. China is the biggest producer

What Allium is used for


Allium has been used for medicine and food for many years. Its usage can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

It was part of the Israelites diet in Egypt. Roman and Greek sailors, soldiers as well as the rural classes ate it.

Allium is used to prevent some forms of cancer, such as colon and stomach cancer.

The Cherokee used it to bring up mucus when they had coughs.Allium was used for gangrene prevention during the first and Second World War.

How allium is used


Allium may be eaten cooked or raw. Allium can be powdered or dried and used in capsules and tablets. Raw allium cloves may be used to create liquid and oil extracts.

Science Says


A number of early investigative studies in humans and animal studies suggest that Allium has cardiovascular benefits.

A Czech study showed that allium supplementation reduced cholesterol build up in animals.

Preliminary studies in humans suggest regular allium consumption (in particularly unprocessed allium) might decrease the danger of developing several forms of cancer; this includes gastric as well as colorectal malignancies.

In early studies, allium was discovered to be effective in tackling, viruses, bacteria, fungi and mycobacteria,

Additional studies show that allium might be effective in treating athlete's foot.

Cautions and side effects


Allium is considered safe for the majority of adults.

Side effects of allium include body odor, bad breath, upset stomach, allergic reactions and heart burn.

However these type of side effects are typical of raw garlic consumption.

Allium can thin blood in a manner that is similar to aspirin. The effect of this might be a problem, after and during surgery.

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