The definition of holistic

What is the definition of holistic? The word holistic has different meanings to people and their definitions are not necessarily wrong.

The word holistic comes from the Greek word holos which means whole. Aristotle summarized holism has "The whole is more than the sum of its parts". That is the conventional definition. In the case of holistic health, these parts are often referred to has

  • Mind body and spirit.
  • Mind/body connection.
  • Spiritual/mental/physical/emotional aspects.

Holistic is commonly used as another word for alternative treatments, so when someone says they are going holistic often they mean rejecting conventional medicine and just using only alternative therapies.

The truth is holistic is a broad definition, there is no one specific treatment that will treat absolutely everything.

So in my opinion it makes every sense to use conventional medicine in conjunction with holistic therapies. There is no definite line to be drawn between holistic therapies and conventional medicine the ultimate aim of both is to make the patient well.

An holistic viewpoint, appreciates that every event and object affects every other event and object in some way, however subtle it may be.

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