Essiac cancer cure herbal medicine: True or false

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Does essiac cancer cure herbal medicine really work?Essiac cancer cure herbal medicine

First of all what is essiac? Essiac is a blend of herbs that is used to make tea.

The primary ingredients include sheep sorrel, Turkish or Indian root, burdock root and slippery elm bark. It was discovered by Rene Caisse a Canadian nurse and guess what? Essiac spelled backwards is Caisse.

Caisse first heard about essiac from one of her patients who met an indigenous Canadian Ojibwa healer. The Ojibwa healer said the blend is intended to cleanse the body as well as balancing the spirit.

After Rene heard more first-hand accounts of essiac curative cancer properties, she began to give the tea to patients.

As well as Rene believing essiac tea could cure cancer she also believed it had the capability to strengthen immune and purify blood. Caisse said tumors not eliminated by essiac would shrink and then could be removed surgically after 6 to 8 weeks of treatment. She suggested at least 3 months of further weekly essiac treatments; this was to ensure that any remaining malignant cells after the first phase and surgery were totally destroyed.

On to the present day, in 2000 a survey conducted showed that 15% of women in Canada with breast cancer were using essiac. Essiac has become popular with patients who have diabetes and HIV, and it is popular with healthy individuals for its purported immune-strengthening properties.

So what do the scientists say, the little scientific evidence that is available does not support essiac as a cancer cure. The scientific tests that have been done haven't exactly been rigorous.

The U.S. National Institute of Health's Medline in 2008 said that no individual herb in Essiac has been tested in rigorous human cancer trials. They recommend that people who have cancer should not delay haven treatment with therapies that are more proven.

I would certainly agree with that however I don't believe there is any harm in drinking essiac tea while continuing standard cancer treatment. There are legitimate arguments for and against essiac, until some rigorous scientific trials are done, the question of whether essiac can cure cancer is open.

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