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  1. Bushman and art therapy
  2. The San and the hoodia gordonii

Bushman and art therapy


The San's great dance trance has been captured by the San people through their art. The San's rock art images show parts of the dance not the entire dance scenes.

Rock art photo by Andrew moir

In all areas, therefore, rock art images depict aspects of the dance, most often just fragments of the dance rather than entire dance scenes. Women can be seen clapping, as well as individual or little groups of dancers wearing dried seed pods rattles.

San art also shows half human half animal hybrids; these are believed to be depictions of the shamans. Rain dance animals were also depicted in Kung art. When the men went into a trance and saw these animals they would capture and kill these animals so that their blood and milk would become rain.

The San and the hoodia gordonii


Hoodia gordonii is a leafless spiny leafless plant that looks like a cactus. It grows in South Africa and Namibia. The flowers are pollinated by flies and smell like decayed meat.

Sans have been eating the Hoodia gordonii for centuries. They use the plant for rather small infections and indigestion. They use the meat of the plant to stem their appetite when they have to make long hunting trips across the Kalahari Desert.

For more details on this herb see Hoodia.

Details about other individual herbs can be found in the herb index.

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