Banaba as a herbal medicine

Have you ever considered Banaba as a herbal medicine? Filipinos have, read on.

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  1. Introduction
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  3. How Banaba is used
  4. Science Says
  5. Side affects and cautions
banaba as a herbal medicine



Banaba is also known as Lagerstroemia speciosa, Queen's Crape-myrtle, Giant Crape-myrtle, or Pride of India and Banabá Plant) it is indigenous to Philippines as well as other parts of South East Asia and India.
Today it grows in the USA, Australia, Jamaica, Africa, Common in southern France, Iberian Peninsula and Italy.

What Banaba is used for


The use of Banaba in herbal medicine in the Philippines goes back for many years. In Philippine herbal medicine it is used to treat diabetes, dissolving kidney stones, cleansing the kidney and general kidney health. Bridges and furniture have are made from the timber of large Banaba bushes.

How Banaba is used


Banaba extract is created from Banaba's leaves and used as a health supplement. Banaba's leaves are used to make to tea. It is also available in capsule and powdered form.

Science Says


In a study done in 1996 researchers added some Banaba extract to the daily food intake of diabetic mice.

This was done over a five-week period. The mice had non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or type two. Blood glucose levels as well as glucose levels in the urine were compared with diabetic mice that were not given the extract.

It was discovered that glucose levels in the urine and blood glucose levels were less in the mice that were given Banaba extract. Additionally it discovered their overall cholesterol were less also.

In 2001, Ohio researchers studied the extracts activity in a test tube. They concluded that Banaba extract might be useful in preventing and treating hyperglycemia as well as obesity in type II diabetes.

Side affects and cautions


Banaba is generally thought safe when taken orally for up to fifteen days for type II diabetes treatment.

Banaba is not suggested for women who breastfeed or those who are pregnant because of the lack of scientific evidence.

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