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  1. What is the beck anxiety inventory(BAI)?
  2. Who invented the BAI test?
  3. Why did Beck invent the test?
  4. How is the test taken?
  5. BAI research

What is the (BAI)?


The BAI is a self-assessment test made up of twenty-one different questions presented in a multiple choice format. It is designed to establish how much anxiety a person is feeling on a day to day basis.

Who invented the BAI test?


The test was invented by Aaron Temkin Beck, Beck was born July 18, 1921. He is a psychiatrist and widely thought of as the father of cognitive based therapy. Additionally Beck also invented the Beck Hopelessness Scale, Beck Depression Inventory, Beck Youth Inventories and Beck Scale for Suicidal Ideation.

Why did Beck invent the test?


Beck wanted to help fellow psychiatrists differentiate between patients with depression and patients with anxiety problems. Beck felt other tools like the State Trait Anxiety inventory did not do a sufficient job of showing the difference between anxiety and depression.

How is the test taken?


There are several ways the test can be taken

  1. The patient answers the questions on the test unassisted.
  2. A mental health professional helps the patient to read the questions and the patient ticks the appropriate box.
  3. A mental health professional reads out the questions and the patient answers verbally to each question.

BAI research


Research carried out by researchers at the University of New Brunswick, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania Medical School and Department of Psychiatry, University of Medicine and Dentistry of new Jersey used the BAI with 470 outpatients who had mixed psychiatric disorders. They concluded the BAI was a helpful tool to use with psychiatric outpatients.

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