Light box therapy for psoriasis

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  1. Light box therapy for psoriasis introduction
  2. Causes of psoriasis
  3. How it works
  4. Light box therapy at home is effective treatment

Light box therapy for psoriasis introduction


Light therapy is an effective treatment for psoriasis but what is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition which happens when the immune system throws out defective signals which speed up the replacement process of the skin.

Psoriasis causes scaly, red patches to show up on the skin. The scaly patches are called psoriatic plaques; they frequently appear on the knees, elbows and can any area around the body including the genitals, scalp, and soles of feet and palms of the hands.

Causes of psoriasis


What causes the immune system to act in a defective way isn't clear. It is believed that you are more likely to get psoriasis if you have a family history of psoriasis.

The chances of getting psoriasis are one in four if you have a parent who has psoriasis. However in lots of people there is not a clear cause.

How it works


During the treatment UVB slows the growth of affected skin cells by penetrating the skin. This is done by the UVB light source for a regulated length of time on a regular basis.

During your treatment the psoriasis may get worse temporarily before it improves. Your skin may itch or redden from the UVB light exposure.

The way to avoid further irritation is to reduce the amount of UVB which is administered.

Light box therapy at home is effective treatment


Light therapy using UVB light is not often used as treatment in the UK because of the numerous hospital visits required and limited availability.

Fortunately a study of two hundred patients found that treatment at home produces the same results as hospital treatment.

In the study psoriasis patients from fourteen hospital departments were assigned randomly to receive either hospital treatment or light therapy home treatment.

Dr Mayke Koek of Utrecht University Medical Centre, said: "We knew a lot of dermatologists are not convinced of the safety and effectiveness of UVB phototherapy but our theory was they should be equally safe."

"One of the most important findings was a lot of patients treated at home were more satisfied."

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