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  1. Blue light therapy for acne: An explanation
  2. Sunlight, FDA and previous light therapy machines
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Blue light therapy for acne: An explanation


Some of you may be thinking how can blue light clear up acne? It is a legitimate question, so here is an explanation.

propionibacterium acnes known as (P. acnes) is the cause of most types of acne. Porphyins are the little molecules that P. Acnes makes.

Porphyins create the bacterium which causes most types of acne. This is where blue light therapy comes in, when blue light is used on porphyins is creates free radicals which demolish P. acnes bacteria.

Sunlight, FDA and previous light therapy machines


Sunlight is thought to improve the condition of acne by affecting the antimicrobial healing processes within the pores. Unfortunately extended exposure to sunlight can cause more harm than good.

The Federal Drugs Administration first approved a machine mild to moderate acne in august 2002. This machine is called clearlight.

Blue light therapy differs from past light therapy machines, because it users lasers and not the ultra violet light that the past light therapy machines used.

Ultraviolet light has been known to cause wrinkling, skin cancer, skin aging and burning.

Scientific study


Acne patients usually have blue light therapy in increments. Eight sessions are usually given over a period of four weeks and every session normally lasts for about fifteen minutes.

The journal of dermatology published an open study which used a blue LED light source on thirty people with moderate to mild facial acne. 2 weeks after screening, the lesions were counted as well as recorded by the type of lesion. Over four weeks, patients had eight, ten or twenty minute light treatments.

Then assessments were done at weeks five, eight and 12 additionally the lesions were counted and recorded.

The results showed that Eight, ten or twenty minute treatments over a 4 week period using a narrowband blue light is effective in reducing the inflamed lesions in patients with moderate to mild acne.

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