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  1. Introduction to qigong healing
  2. What is it?
  3. A brief history
  4. What does it involve?
  5. Is chi kung for me?
Qigong healing

Introduction to qigong healing


I've been a martial arts fan for a long time, me and my friends use to spend a couple of Saturdays a month watching Jacky Chan, Bruce lee, Gordon Liu, Jet li and many others, it is through these kind of films I first heard of qigong.

Then later on I watched videos of Shaolin monks doing extraordinary feats like in the video below.

Qigong is so much more than this of course, as I will go on to explain.

What is it?


Qigong is also called chi kung and chi gung, it is made up of two words

Qi means life energy, Gong means cultivation of work. See the page on qi.

Chi kung can be seen as a medical system in it's own right, it has an association with Traditional Chinese Medicine, martial arts, Taoism and Buddhism and Confucianism.

A Brief history


Chi kung is extremely old, a neolithic vessel depicting a priest shaman in a meditative posture used in chi-kung found in Northwest China is 7000 years old.

The yellow emperor who wrote the Huangdi Neijing book of internal medicine, which is an extremely important doctrine in Traditional Chinese medicine is credited by some for chi gung's origins and development.

What does it involve?


Chi gong has four different groups of treatment, exercise, meditation, massage and healing.

Chi gong as an exercise is similar to tai chi they both use slow graceful movements.

Meditation uses breathing and visualization to move and cultivate qi. Massage will use physical techniques but as always there will some emphasis on your energy flow.

Finally the healing treatment combines visualization, healing and physical techniques to improve your energy.

Is chi kung for me?


Chi kung has many benefits on physical health and mental health, here are some examples.

Reduces anxiety and give pain relief.


Improves quality of life for cancer patients, reduces fatigue and side effects of their treatment


Improves co ordination, balance and physical activity in elderly people


If you are open minded and prepared to try new things give it a try. Sceptics will have a problem with certain terms, like qi, energy flow, life force, there is a spirituality aspect to it, which they will say can't be proven.

But my philosophy if it works for someone, if it is of benefit, then that is the main thing.

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