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  1. Introduction to pure lavender oil
  2. What lavender oil is used for
  3. How lavender oil is used
  4. Science says
  5. Cautions and side effects



lavender herb

Lavender oil is very popular and highly prized. Pure Lavender Essential Oil is distilled from Lavandula angustifolia flowers.

Lavandula angustilfolia used to be known as Lavandula officinalis. Some horticulturalists still recognize it by that name. In 2011 the biggest producer of lavender oil was Bulgaria.

What lavender oil is used for


Pure lavender oil has been used to treat many ailments, including rheumatism, insomnia, acne, flatulence, depression, toothache, colic, muscle aches, wounds, insect bites, dermatitis, athlete's foot and mild burns.

The ancient Egyptians used lavender oil in the mummification process; they also used it as a cosmetic. The Romans and Greeks used the oil as a perfume and put it in their baths to relieve aching joints and muscles.

In 1910 a French chemist called Rene Maurice Gattefossé burnt his hand in his laboratory and treated it by pouring lavender oil over the wound and it healed quickly. As a result of this he collaborated with other doctors who used lavender oil to treat wounds in world war one.

How lavender oil is used


Lavender oil is available in liquid and capsule forms and can be blended with oils.

Science says


Portuguese scientists from the university of used pure lavender oil and tested it against various pathogenic fungi, they discovered that the oil destroyed numerous skin pathogenic fungi, these fungi are called dermatophytes, and they also destroyed some species of candida.

In a U.S study published in the international Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, fifteen patients with severe dementia and agitated behavior were administered lavender oil via steam for two hours then given a placebo the next day.

At the end of ten treatment sessions the results showed that there were 9 patients who showed improvement, 5 showed no change and one patient got worse during the session of aromatherapy compared to the placebo.

Cautions and side effects


Lavender oil is safe to use, many say that it can be used on the skin undiluted but it is better not to take the risk of getting dermatitis, dilute it. Go to the lavender herb page to find out more about lavender. Return to aromatherapy benefits

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