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  1. What is panchakarma?
  2. Vaman
  3. Virechan
  4. Basti
  5. Nasya
  6. Rakta Moksha-bloodletting

What is panchakarma?


Panchakarma are five procedures, which the Ayurvedic text describes for making the body pure. That is what the word actually means
  • Panch - English translation - five
  • Karma - English translation - action
This Ayurvedic technique removes ama (toxins) from multiple areas around the body without weakening or damaging it.



In vaman therapy you are given some salt water or licorice rootto drink then the tongue is rubbed so that you vomit.

The idea of this is that once you vomit you will be instantly relieved because the mucus is now absent and the sinuses are clearer.



In Pancha karma, the Virechan process is the second one in the five karmas of Pancha karma.

Virechan karma addresses pitta-induced diseases. Pitta induced diseases include skin problems nausea, fever, jaundice and excess bile which is accumulated in the liver



This purification procedure uses medicated oils as well as decoctions, which are brought into the big intestine via your rectum.

This is done with the aid of an enema bag or pot, which is particularly designed for this reason.

Basti means urinary bladder. Basti is thought of as the king of all the treatments. This is because it eliminates surplus Vata dosha from your entire body.



Nasal Therapy is the administration of herbal medicine via the nose.

A soft rub is given to the veins of your sinuses and the veins linking the nasal track to your eyes, ears, and brain.

The herbs or ghee medicated oils are put into each one of your nostrils, in specific quantities. Then it is inhaled and distributed through your sinuses.

Rakta Moksha-bloodletting


Blood letting is employed to get rid of toxins which are absorbed into your bloodstream via your gastrointestinal tract. This procedure is only done by a qualified physician.
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