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  1. Introduction to natural healing schools
  2. How do you choose a school?
  3. Naturopathy schools in India



If you take a quick look on the internet it is a very apparent that there are a mass of natural healing schools around. Natural healing of course covers a lot of modalities and it is the same when it comes to schools. There are obviously some schools around that are not very legitimate. Scammers are found in every walk of life but when they found in the natural healing industry I think it is damaging. The detractors say 'ahah see? It is all a scam!'

How do you choose a school?


I think first of all you have to decide what it is that you are looking for. Do you want to learn about a range of subjects or specialize in one or two? Do you want a professional qualification or are you just studying for a pleasure. How long has the school been around?

If I was going to go down the professional route I would be inclined to look for a naturopathy medical school as it covers core subjects in natural healing.Check out the schools in the same way you would check out other educational institutions, go to the school, look around, talk to the teachers and talk to the students.

Naturophathy schools in India


India offers a 5½ year degree course in Bachelor of Naturopathy and yogic sciences.

In Hyderabad there is a naturopathy college which offers a full time degree residential course. There are a total of 12 colleges in India and unlike other countries they have the backing of the government.

Naturopathy, yoga and Aryurveda come under the watch of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. It is refreshing to see natural healing schools such as these getting the backing of their government.

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