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  1. Introduction to natural cures for depression
  2. Music therapy
  3. Biofeedback
  4. Animal assisted therapy
natural cures for depression

Introduction to natural cures for depression


This page contains some natural cures for depression that people may regard as left field but I believe that these are all things that can help and you can do yourself.

Music therapy


Music can change peoples mood , music can be uplifting and exciting and get the adrenalin pumping, why else would people who exercise play music?

Music is one of the oldest therapies there is, the San people used music to get into a state of ecstasy and ward off illnesses.

Fast forward to modern times and there are clubs where house or techno which gives off a happy, excitable, uplifting mood. Ok some people take it a bit further and take drugs to give them a happy mood, but that isn't the point

In an official music therapy session your therapist will work closely with you. See the music benefits page to see what happens during a session.

In a study in taiwan group music therapy improved depression in people with dementia. The improvements happen immediately and continued theough every session.




Biofeedback is another treatment that doesn't come readily to mind as a natural treatment.

Richard J Davidson, chair and founder for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center and professor of psychology and psychiatry at theUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison.

Davidson hythpothisized that most depression is linked to a defiecency in left brain activity.

The left side of the brain is linked to motivation and positivity while the right side of the brain is linked to fear and depression, studies conducted went on to confirm his hypothisis.

Now, biofeedback can stimulate brain waves, thus helping depression patients. One of the many studies that supports this was conducted by the Department of Human Behavioral Science, School of Medicine, Tohoku University, Sendai in Japan.

The researchers used electroencephalographic (EEG-) treatment on a 37 year old depression patient who had been previously treated with medication.

Altogether he underwent 34 treatment sessions. The researchers concluded that EEG-driven biofeedback improved the patients depressive condition.


Animal assisted therapy


Animal assisted therapy can be a very good depression treatment, see the page on animal assisted therapy.

In a study done by the Norwegian University of life sciences , 14 adults with clinical depression took part in a twice a week, 12 week program of animal assisted therapy at a farm. This therapy consisted of contact and work with dairy cattle.

All the patients were video recorded twice and were categorized according to work tasks and human and animal contact. The results show that the levels of depression decreased.


See more on animal assisted therapy

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