Milk thistle

Milk thistle

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Milk thistle is known as holy thistle and mary thistle. Sometimes it is called silymarin. Silymarin is a mixture of holy thistle active components. The holy thistle is indigenous to the Mediterranean area. It has been employed for many thousands of years to treat various ailments including liver problems.

What holy thistle is used for


Holy thistle is thought to improve and protect liver function. Typically, it is employed in the treatment of liver cirrhosis, gallbladder disorders, and chronic hepatitis.

Additionally it is used to

  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduce insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics who in addition have cirrhosis
  • Reduce cancer cell growth in cervical, breast as well as prostate cancers

How holy thistle is used


Silymarin is extracted from thistle seeds. It is plant thought to be the active part biologically of the herb. Thistle seeds are employed to make capsules, strong teas and extracts.

Science Says


There is some research, which indicates that silymarin might be a chemical useful for treating some liver diseases. Especially those that have been caused by toxin exposure.

Germany's regulatory body for herbs approved use of silymarin in the treatment of toxic liver disease. Additionally they have also approved its use as supportive treatment for liver cirrhosis as well as inflammatory liver disease.

Silibinin a active constitute of silymarin may slow down the development of lung cancer. This is according to tests that have been done on mice.

Researchers at the University of Colorado's School of Pharmacy injected ninety mice with a substance that causes cancer in the lungs. They added numerous silibinin doses to food for the majority of mice.

For comparison purposes, scientists did not give silibinin to a small number of mice.

After 4.5 months, researchers checked on the lung cancer of the mice. They discovered lesser lung tumors in the silibinin in mice, compared with the non-silibinin mice.

Cautions and side effects


sometimes, people report a upset stomach bloating or diarrhea.

Holy thistle may produce allergic reactions in people who have a allergy to plants belonging to the same family.

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