How to make tincture

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Before I explain how to make tincture I will tell you what a tincture is. A tincture is a herbal preparation, the herbs are usually mixed with water and alcohol.

Tinctures allow herbs to be stored for a very long time while keeping all their properties. Although there are various ideas about how long tincture can be kept for, it is completely safe to say that tinctures can be kept for at least five years.

There are numerous items that are needed to make tincture. You need

  • Seven to ten fresh cut or powdered herbs, to every quart of your chosen liquid.
  • Vodka, rum or brandy, 80-100 proof to cover the herbs. Mason jars with lids. Muslin or Cheesecloth that is unbleached.
  • If you wish to make non alcoholic tincture then you need distilled water, vinegar or glycerol.
  • Labels to put on the jars.

  • Instructions

  • Put the herbs in mason jars and put the liquid over them until it is an inch higher than the herbs.
  • Label and seal the jars tightly and place them in a warm, very dark area
  • Give the jar a shake every day, preferably several times per day
  • Check the jar ever day to make sure the liquid is still covering the herbs.
  • Allow the mixture to steep for a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 3 months.
  • When the allotted waited time is reached, get a sieve and line it with muslin or cheesecloth, then pour the liquid through the sieve into an empty bottle.
  • Pick up the cheesecloth or muslin ends and then squeeze so all the liquid is extracted. Put the tincture into bottle with droppers so they can be used more easily.
  • Finally write the name and date on the label and put it on the jar.

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