How to make essential oils

Interested in learning how to make essential oils? Well fortunately its not rocket science, it is pretty simple. The instructions here are a basic method for making essential oils.

This method is known as Enfleurage and does not require use of a stiller.

The first thing you need is the actual ingredients. So gather all the herbs and flowers you need to make the essential oils. The fresher the better!

You also need the following

  • cup of olive oil
  • A jar
  • A wooden mallet or something similar
  • cheesecloth

Wash the flowers and herbs that you gathered with cold water and then dry them with a paper hand towel.

Put all the flowers and herbs in a plastic bag, the plastic bag will stop the area getting messy and stop you from losing some of your ingredients.

Take your mallet and bruise the flowers and herbs. No need to knock seven bells out of them, hitting it gently around twelve to fifteen times will do.

Hitting them gently will allow the natural oils inside the herbs and flowers to be released.

Fill the jar with oil and empty the ingredients of the bag into a jar and mix it with it the oil. When you have done this, find somewhere warm to put the jar and leave it there for about four eight hours.

Finally, strain the contents into the cheesecloth and return the oil to the jar.

That is how to make an essential oil.

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