How does aromatherapy work?

So you want to know how does aromatherapy work? Okay here's an explanation.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils and other compounds extracted from plants which are aromatic for the purpose of affecting mood or health. As well as essential oils a number of other materials are used these include

  • Absolutes: These are fragrant oils they are alike to essential oils. They are concentrated, very aromatic and oily mixtures that are extracted from plants.
  • Essential oils can usually be created through steam distillation. However, absolutes use solvent extraction techniques.
  • Hydrosols and herbal distillates: These are aqueous solutions of essential oils. typically acquired via steam distillation from the aromatic plants.
  • Common herbal distillates include lemon balm, rose and chamomile. Herbal distillates are also known as essential water and herbal water.
  • Infusions: These are aqueous extracts of numerous plant material
  • Carrier oils are employed to dilute absolutes and essential oils before it is applied to your skin.

Ways to apply aromatherapy

The three main ways of experiencing aromatherapy are diffusion, topically and through inhalation.

Diffusion may be candles, scented oil sticks, and air fresheners. These products come are available in a broad variety of aromas, from spices to flowers and beyond.

Inhalation is typically used for decongestion and respiratory infection. Topical applications, similar to diffusions, are available in many scents.

The influence of aroma on the brain

Olfaction refers to sense of smell. When these essential oils are inhaled it stimulates the receptor cells.

The impulse is then transferred to the emotional center of the brain, known as the limbic system.

The limbic system links to brain areas, which are connected to blood circulation, breathing and memory as well as to the endocrine glands which control levels of hormones within the body.

The term "limbic" is derived from the Latin word limbus, which when translated means border or belt.

The limbic system supports numerous functions. These functions include behavior, long-term memory, and emotion.

So given that fact it is not to hard to believe that aromatherapy can benefit people in numerous ways.

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