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  2. What flaxseed is used for
  3. How linseed is used
  4. Science says
  5. Side Effects and Cautions


Linseed is another name for this herb.

It is native in India and also grows in Canada, the Eastern Mediterranean and northwest America.

What linseed is used for


It is regularly used as a laxative in ayurvedic medicine. In ayurveda, linseed pacifies vata, pitta and increases kapha.

Additionally it is used for both breast pain and hot flashes.

Brown linseed is used as a ingredient in cattle feed, paint and fiber.

Linseed oil has been used as a drying oil for many centuries in varnishing and painting. African American slaves used flaxseed.

See remedies used by slaves.

How linseed is used


crushed or whole linseed may be mixed with juice or water and drunk.

Linseed oil is available in capsule and liquid form. Linseed is available in powder form.

Linseed contains lignans while linseed oil preparations lack this.

Science Says


In a small scientific study of fifteen men it was discovered that linseed together with a low fat diet slowed benign prostrate cell growth. The same study showed that their blood PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels were lowered.

This suggests it may reduce prostate cancer risk.

Another study of twenty five men who have prostate cancer found that ground linseed with a low-fat diet slowed cancer cell rate growth, increase their death rate and reduced serum testosterone.

More trials need to be done but the signs look promising.

There are some studies which suggest that linseed and linseed oil can benefit those with heart disease.

Studies suggest linseed decreases hot flashes contain mixed results.

Side Effects and Cautions


Linseed and linseed oil are well tolerated with few side affects reported.

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