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Before the panchakarma treatment is undertaken, a preliminary treatment is usually required. This treatment is known as purvakarma.

The idea behind this therapy is to loosen ama (toxins) from within your deep tissues so that they are removed from the body's natural healing system. There are two steps in this pretreatment

  • Snehana (Internal and external oleation)
  • Swedhana (sweating/sudation)

Internal Oleation


Internal oleation is achieved by administering small doses of ghee or medicated oil internally. The length of internal oleation, quantity and type of ghee and medicated oil is decided by the physician after they have analyzed patient's body constitution.

The patient is required to eat light food or liquid food on the day before internal oleation. After consuming the ghee or medicated oil the patient is advised to sip some warm water regularly.

When the ghee or medicated oil is completely digested, the physician advises the patient to eat light food.

External Oleation


The Procedure

Medicated oil is applied on the skin. There are different ways to apply it.

  1. Applying warm oil over the body and then massaging it. This is called Abhyanga (oil massage)
  2. Warm medicated oil is poured continuously over the whole body this is called pizichil.
  3. In the third method called Gandhusha the mouth is filled with oil then it stays there for a while. So make sure you turn your phone off! ;)
  4. Warm oil poured on the forehead is the fourth method. This is called Shirodhara.
  5. Method five is called Snehavagahana. A bath is filled with warm oil and you bath in it.

Love and tenderness of oleation therapy


The main reason to massage the body with the oil is to detach toxins from the deep tissues as well as for their later progress to their origins in your gastro intestinal tract. There they eliminated through the chief purification procedure. These are main oils used Ashwagandha, Sahachasadi, dial extracts of herbs, Dhanwantharam.

Main oils used are Dhanwantharam, Sahachasadi, Ashwagandha, dial extracts of herbs. Snehana or oleation therapy literally means love or tenderness.

The fatty substances used in this therapy are for producing lubrication and anointing the internal as well as external organs.

The qualities (benefits) of this therapy are restfulness, strength, invigoration and cognition.

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