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  1. Introduction
  2. Hot wash cloth method
  3. Rice bag method
  4. Cold compresses
  5. alternating hot and cold packs



Compresses come in three forms: Cold, hot and alternating hot and cold. First lets look at the hot type.

A hot-compress is used to treat

  • Old injuries
  • Muscle pain
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Boils
  • Toothache

I have also known people who use hot packs for fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Hot wash cloth method

There are several ways to make a hot-compress.
  • You need warm water
  • A sink

  1. Get some warm water, as hot as you can stand it.
  2. Pour it over the cloth, wring out the access water and apply it.
  3. Simple.

Rice bag method


Hot compress

You need a flannel or square piece of material

  1. A microwave
  2. Some uncooked rice
  3. A needle and thread
  4. Verrry basic sewing skills!


  1. Get your flannel or a square piece of material
  2. Sew up the sides and leave a small hole that you can pour the rice into
  3. Pour the uncooked rice into the hole and sew up the hole
  4. Pop it in the microwave for about one minute then turn it over for another minute.

Hey presto! One nice hot-compress!



A cold-compress is good for

  1. Bruising
  2. Swelling
  3. Inflammation
  4. fevers

A cold-compress is used for recent sprains, bruising, swelling and inflammation, fever and headaches. It can also be used as a pep-up when feeling tired.

Cold-compresses are made exactly the same as the hot-compress, but ice or refrigerated water is used instead of the hot water, and it is replaced when it has heated up to body temperature.

Alternating cold and hot-compresses


Alternating cold and hot-compresses stimulates the circulation and helps heal joints and sprains and muscle injuries.

Start with 3 to 4 minutes of heat and follow that with thirty to sixty seconds of cold. Do this about 3 to 5 times and end with cold.

You will notice a big difference.

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